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Breakup Tips [For Any Girl].

Whether you are a raging emotional nutcase who needs to call everyone in her phonebook to say that “he left you”, a quiet introvert who’d rather not plague others with her issues or a "bad bitch" who has got it all together and refuses to cry over anyone…you have to find a way to cope [to come back to your senses] after a breakup. Here are my basic, breakup tips, for any girl.

LET IT ALL HANG OUT. Give yourself a break. Pick a day, wake up, don’t do your hair or make-up. Turn off your phone. Stay away from your computer. Nestle your buns in your comfy clothes, find a cozy spot, pop in your favorite chick flick accompanied by a bottle of wine and your favorite “cheat” food…AND CRY! Weep, sob, have a runny nose and puffy eyes? Who cares?! No one is there to judge you, let it go!

[YES, I KNOW] mulling over your breakup and watching a movie that reminds you of the 6 months of bliss you had with “So and So” may not feel like the best thing to do, but it is! You need to [and have to] take some time to address your emotions [or your emotions will address you, and trust me its always at the most inopportune times]. Break-ups hurt & it hurts worse to keep them in.

SURROUND YOURSELF with people and things that you love. Get lost in laughter. If you love shopping, shop until you drop. Buy things in your favorite color. Have a hobby? Get into it! Remember that thing that you always wanted to do but maybe couldn’t because you were so wrapped up in your boyfriend? Yeah…try that! Being around people and things that you love (and have a passion for) remind you that you have your own life, that you are awesome [BY YOURSELF] and there are many things in life to be grateful for that do not include being in a relationship. 

PUT A SMILE on someone else’s face. There are very few things that make (my heart) smile more than doing for others. You never know how a favor or even your presence can totally change someone else’s day. This will also help you realize how much you are valued, how important you are to others. You are needed, you are loved, you are wonderful, a great friend, compassionate…you see?

GET BACK TO LIVING life. I know, most girls-in-“love” hate to admit it (but I’m sure your friends have when you’re not around), did you lose yourself in your relationship? Now don’t be upset, this happens. Honestly. To some degree, people in relationships compromise and sacrifice for the sake of the relationship. Compromising is only natural when attempting to blend the lives of two individuals. This compromise may have caused you to not hang out with your friends as much, or to not party or spend as freely because you were planning a future…WHATEVER it was, it happens and this is the time to DIG yourself from the bottom of this crap and get back to being you.

FINALLY, never stop loving yourself. Don’t sit around blaming yourself…don’t blame him either. Don’t obsess, don’t regret…”oh we could have been the next JayZ and Beyonce!”[NO]. There are many factors that go into ending a relationship and whatever it was, now, no longer matters [because we don’t live in the past]. Move on happily, knowing that it didn’t work, but maybe someday with someone else, it will.

Keep an open heart and an optimistic mind when moving forward!


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